1st MISSION “Let’s Design Inclusion” – “European values in the News”

1st MISSION “Let’s Design Inclusion” 3. “European values in the News” Acrostic puzzles, riddles, crosswords, pantomimes, physical activities that students have to solve/perform in mixed teams in order to make their way through the historic centre of the city of Thessaloniki, where a Treasure Hunt of the most important European values was organised by the teachers based […]

2nd GEL of Oreokastro: 1st MISSION “Let’s Design Inclusion” – “Be intercultural”

1st MISSION “Let’s Design Inclusion” 2. “Be intercultural” Students research each one of the European countries participating in the project in groups of 5 (geography, history, music, culture, scientific achievements, sports, national holidays, flag, cuisine etc.) and present their findings in front of all other groups. Then, a questionnaire is formed of some of the most […]

2nd GEL of Oreokastro: 1st MISSION “Let’s Design Inclusion” – “You are welcome”

  1st MISSION “Let’s Design Inclusion” 1. “You are welcome” Students are instructed to bring photographs and pictures to the classroom and/or draw on their cardboards to create their poster/collage together.  All posters/collages are then jumbled up by the teacher and given to random students to present to the circle of students and everybody tries to guess […]