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Genius And Mission in Education

Project Code : 2016-1-IT02-KA219-024354

The contest is intended to invent the best and most representative LOGO for the Erasmus + project GAME – Genius And Mission in Education. The logo is requested to use it in all the official documents of the Strategic Partnership between Italy, Greece, Spain, Latvia and Romania from 01-09-2016 to 31-08-2018.

Logo Requirements

  • Professional: This logo may be featured on the final Booklet of good practices,  our website, our social media platforms and other mediums (stationary, pamphlets, t-shirts etc). As a result, while we want the logo to be eye-catching, it must still be legible and must contain the word GAME.
  • Theme: Logo must promote the priorities of the project “To promote European values such us intercultural awareness, mutual respect based on practicing games to strengthen the 8 Key European Competences. Design should be universal in theme, and not nation specific.
  • Color: There are no limitations and any colors may be used. However, logo must look good in color (if any) or black and white.
  • Integrity: Logos cannot contain copyrighted material. Logos must have been created and edited by the contestant(s). Logos may not include images or licensed images that have been previously published. Must be easily reproducible and scalable for large and small formatting.

Contestants Requirements

The contest is open to all students, aged between 12 and 18, from the 5 countries and belonging to the classes involved. Logo can be designed by 5 students maximum. For the Kindergarten the logo will be drawn by the teachers.

Contest Details

Each partner must select in his own school maximum 2 logos for a total of 12 logos for the 5 countries to evaluate and vote democratically. The 12 logos will be published online (Google drive or eTwinning) and voted by students and Erasmus+ Staff of each country. The numbers of voters will be the same for each country (30 people in total between students and teachers). The most voted will be the winner.

The winner/s will receive as prize the right to take part to the mobility in Latvia (if there are more winners the Erasmus+ staff will select one student among the group) where during an official cerimony he/she/they will receive a medal with his/her/their logo designed and different gadgets from each partner.

All entries will have personal data of the artist/s.

Deadline for entries  is the 20th November 2016.

Deadline for voting is the 15th December 2016.

Romania-Oradea, 28th October 2016

The Erasmus+ International Staff

Prof.Maria Nan

Prof. Radu Valer Rus

Prof. Ileana Bors

Prof. Maria Francesca Dileo

Prof. Carmela Cirillo

Prof. Alexia Fragkouli

Prof. Georgios Chatzigeorgiou

Prof. Liene Baltmane

Prof. Alexandrs Vorobjovs

Prof. Maria Isabel Ortea Colunga

Prof. Sebastian Guerrero Ruiz

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