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L'immagine può contenere: 5 persone, persone sedute e spazio al chiuso

This is our first time in Latvia and all of us were very nervous about the first day. On the second day, we went to the school hall and we were introduced to each other. We played some games, danced,  played the quiz, created the puzzle and had fun together.

It does not matter that we are from different countries, because we  were all toghether and it’s like we’ve known each other for a long time. Before this experience, we were very nervous, but at the same time we were very happy, because this was an opportunity to make new friends and to find out about new cultures.  We did not expect that the other students were going to be so friendly and welcoming. During the activities we learned more about each other and their countries. We visited a lot of beautiful places in Riga, Marupe and Jurmala and were given the opportunity to broaden our horizons. We found some similarities between our cultures and monuments, but also we found some differences.
Although the organisation of the activities during our meeting in Latvia was very effective, we would like to make some suggestions for the next meeting. We think there must be some activities involving all students in the afternoons as well. We sometimes felt separated from our friends and we could not spend more time together.

Through this amazing experience, we learned that all people have some things in common and that they can live together in harmony regardless of their abilities, religion and habits.


Reinis Milzarajs – Latvia

Ruben Gonzalez – Spain

Maria Thymiati – Greece

Gilda Marculli – Italy

Alex Ghent – Romania

Antonia Pap – Romania

Katrina Novorucka – Latvia

Jekabs Jansons – Latvia

Katrīna Pļaveniece – Latvia

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