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L'immagine può contenere: 5 persone, persone sedute e spazio al chiuso

We think that the Erasmus + Project is a great way to visit other countries, get to know new cultures, think and learn  differently, work in teams and make lots of friends.

On the first day, we met each other and this was a great experience for us. We played some games and talked to people from other countries. It felt strange in the beginning, but later we felt more comfortable and became friends. We presented ourselves and our schools. After the presentations, we knew each other better and we felt closer to each other.

The next day, we had to present our countries and then we were divided in five mixed international teams to answer the questions about all countries and the European Union so as to build a puzzle. We worked in teams ,so it was really important to communicate and cooperate with each other. We felt like real friends and it was fun to spend time together.

Now, we feel like friends that have known each other for a long time. If more people were involved in this project, it would be better and more fun. We don’t want to say goodbye to the other students or this project to end and we would love to be able to spend a longer time together.

Artūrs Bondars – Latvia

Marino Diaz – Spain

Chrysa Deligiannidou – Greece

Olaya Guerrero – Spain

Rinalds Jefimovs – Latvia

Vito Cignolo – Italy

Elizabete Meisite – Latvia

Jānis Zāģeris – Latvia

Luca Mitrasca – Romania

Toms Skerbergs – Latvia

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