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We are here in the beautiful city of Gravina for the Erasmus project GAME. Happy and proud to represent our countries:  we now start the activities of this project. Arriving in Gravina was a great opportunity for us to be part of this beautiful project.

When we first came into the class rooms where everybody was waiting for our team we were very pleased to meet great students from foreign countries of the EU. On the first day we visited the bridge of Gravina that separates the new from the old city. We were stunned to see the great view and use our imagination, feelings and sounds of nature in order to make paintings.

On the next day, we had the opportunity of taking part of an International volleyball match among the countries which was mixed with students from different countries. After that we entered the buses to visit Bari and the planetarium.

On the 3rd day we visited two small cities Alberobello and Polignano which gave us the opportunity to see some other beautiful cities of Southern Italy. After that we entered the buses and we went back to school where the teachers gave us a free evening. On Monday we entered the Italian students’ classes and we saw how an Italian school day looks like. After that had a coffee-break and then we visited the town hall of Gravina where the mayor of the city told some important things about the history of the city and he welcome us there. Then we got back home at 1:30 pm and then we visited the historic centre and we were guided by our Italian team-friends for a treasure hunt. Then we returned back to school and we presented our result of: The Struggle for Life.  After that we had a traditional dinner at school with traditional Italian food made by the Italian families.

On Tuesday we had round-table activities by students and teachers. Then we had a very good rehearsal of the European Parliament and music performance for the next day. After that we were divided into teams in order to write a text about our experience in Italy. In the afternoon we had packed lunch and then we arrived from Gravina to Matera, a small town near Gravina. There was a tour in Matera in order to solve a mysterious case taking place there. When we finished this we had free time to explore Matera because we had to leave immediately for Gravina. In Gravina we were free to go home or go out for dinner. On the last day in Gravina in the morning we had rehearsal for the European Parliament again with a small coffee break. Then we arrived in the “Mercadante” theatre in Altamura for a rehearsal. After this we returned back to Gravina for lunch because after that we had to go back to the theatre as well. Then we had the last rehearsal and then the real Debate and MUSIC ON STAGE had to start. In the end of this we were very happy and there was a closing ceremony and also a project Evaluation.

This was the best week we have ever had abroad and we hope to experience it again with all students and teachers from all countries from ERASMUS+ project GAME.


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