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Erasmus+ adventure

Erasmus+ adventure
This adventure for all of us started on the 3rd of May, but some arrived earlier.
Each country had its own beginning but all of us could say for sure that it was an
amazing start.
On the 3rd we began by breaking the barrier among countries by having many
fun activities and getting to know each other. Once we started to talk to each other,
our friendship blossomed and we became inseparable. Each day we participated in
activities where we learned more about involving countries, their culture and lives,
their languages and them as individual people. We needed to paint, to listen to
others, to work as a group, have fun and most importantly we had to show what skills
in this time of period we received.
To remember our time in Italy we traveled to Bari, Alberobello, Polignano and
Matera. There we got to see Italy in its glory and beauty. There we walked around
the cities and we get to see the amazing view that Italy has to offer.
To show us what we can do we had to do a lot of hard, yet rewarding things
like: debating about or against each individually representing country, make
presentations about the 5 involving countries, speak and remember out European
values and to finally represent them and tell them to an audience.
The performance day, was pretty exciting, we were all so nervous, because of
the presentations, and also we knew that this wonderful adventure was about to
finish. Later, we had a party where we had lots of fun, we danced, we sang, and also
we cried because we had to say goodbye to all of our new friends.
This week full of emotions, experiences, adventures and new friends had
changed us as individuals and as european citizens.
We´ll always remember this amazing trip and of course all the great friends we’ve

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