Erasmus+ Game dissemination

#Erasmusdays – European vibes all around you – Istituto Comprensivo Montemurro, Bari   La mappa degli #Erasmusdays realizzata dai colleghi di Agence Erasmus+ France / Education & Formation Génération Erasmus Pubblicato da Erasmus+ Indire su Giovedì 5 ottobre 2017   Arrivano gli #Erasmusdays! 13 e 14 ottobre oltre 70 eventi in Italia e 500 in tutta […]

#Erasmusday-13th October 2017-I.C. MONTEMURRO

The #Erasmusday event is organizing according a well structured presentation of two Erasmus+ projects our school benefits for the school years 2016-2018: GAME as coordinator and LED as partner. Students will lead different workshops according to the school subjects for their mates from the Primary School as a sort of welcome in our European “vibes” […]

Montemurro School Presentation

“Montemurro” school is located in Gravina in Puglia, a town of about 45.000 inhabitants not so far from Bari, the main city of the region Apulia (Southern Italy) Starting from the school year 2013-14 “Montemurro” school is structured on  three educational levels: pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary middle school. Classes from Primary and Secondary school are […]