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Montemurro School Presentation

“Montemurro” school is located in Gravina in Puglia, a town of about 45.000 inhabitants not so far from Bari, the main city of the region Apulia (Southern Italy)

Starting from the school year 2013-14 “Montemurro” school is structured on  three educational levels: pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary middle school. Classes from Primary and Secondary school are involved in the planned activities for this European Strategic partnership.

School is attended by around 1000 students-pupils whose families belong to different social and economic levels, even if mostly middle social class. They generally are interested to support their children training and school activities, cooperating with teachers.

There are some foreign students and pupils with special needs attending our school for whom we promote inclusion, socialization, wellbeing, integration and a good school achievement.

Our School, for both the Primary and the Middle level (students aged between 9-13 years old), each year organizes afternoon activities to prepare students for Language Certifications to spend during and after the school in the perspective of the Life Long Learning Programme.

Our school is a modern and new and it has languages lab, science lab, music lab, a big gym.

Activities in our school are divided in 4 big categories that intend to develop the 8 Key European Competences

1.Civic and Social Area – 2.Linguistic and Experessive Area- 3.Scientific Area – 4.European Area

Our school pomotes lots of activities related to Citizenship: Students’ Town Hall Council, two Erasmus+ projects, GAME (Genius And Mission in Education) and LED (Let’s Enjoy Dialoguing), Legality labs.

Italian, History, Geography, Maths, Foreign Languages (English and French), Music, Art, Technology, PE, Religion are the subjects studied by all the students.


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