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Marupes Vidusskola – School presentation

Mārupe Secondary School is a large school with more than 1000 pupils aged from 7 to 19 and almost 90 teachers. We provide primary and secondary education. Since 2014 starting from the grade 7th (pupils aged 13+) there have been created two special classes – one with advanced language teaching program, and other with advanced mathematics and nature sciences. The school is located right near the capital city of Latvia – Riga.

Teachers of our school have already been trying to make teaching / learning process attractive both for students and teachers. They are learning and trying to use games in their everyday works with children. The practice shows that students like it and are more willing to work, they get motivated and teaching/learning process is becoming more exciting for both – teacher and students.
Our school was the coordinator of the Erasmus+ programme project “Gaining from Gaming”, which brought together teachers from different countries in order to share their experiences and develop competences on using games not only as element of fun, but as an effective opportunity for youth, thus improving the quality of work with young people.

Marupes vidusskola

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