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2nd General Lyceum of Oreokastro – School Presentation

2nd General Lyceum of Oreokastro, Thessaloniki, Greece.
2nd General Lyceum of Oreokastro is a public secondary school with 300 students aged 15-18 year old and around 30 teachers. Some of the teachers work exclusively in this school and some others (Arts or German teachers) work in nearby schools.
The school is situated in the town of Oreokastro 15 km from Thessaloniki in Northern Greece. Oreokastro is practically a suburb of Thessaloniki. The school is built on top of a hill, in the edge of the town, surrounded by woods. There are 14 classrooms situated in two buildings.
The Greek school year starts on the 11th of September and finishes around the 15th of June for the students. For teachers the dates are 1st of September -30th of June. The school year is divided in two semesters (from 11/09 to 20/01 and from 21/01 to 15/05) and ends with the end-of-year examinations starting in mid-May. Students have Christmas and Easter holidays for two weeks respectively, as well as two national holidays (28/10 and 25/03).
The majority of the students of the 2nd General Lyceum of Oreokastro have high academic ambitions and they are very successful in their entry exams in the University. Students’ level of English is B2 and C1 according to the European Framework for foreign languages. The Headmaster and the teachers encourage students to participate in various national contests (for Mathematics, Science, Rhetoric, Poetry, Robotics in schools, F1 in schools). Students of 2nd General Lyceum of Oreokastro have participated and sometimes ranked highly.
Since 2nd General Lyceum of Oreokastro is a new school (less than 10 years since inauguration) there is not any experience in European Projects, but there is a clear decision to change this fact and be a part of the European Network of Schools. Also, there are teachers that they have participated already to different comenius projects.

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