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Liceul Ortodox “Episcop Roman Ciorogariu” is a primary-secondary and vocational school with 700 students. We have 22 Romanian classes and 1 Hungarian class.
The school is located at the outskirts of Oradea, a beautiful city in the western part of Romania. The age of the students is from 6 to 18 years old. Their families are part of the medium socio-economic community, some students facing the situation of one or both parents working abroad.
In order to meet their and all the other students needs, our school promotes quality learning which challenges all students to value the importance of respect for themselves, for others and the community. Through this project we want to provide our students with an education that is appropiate to the present and future needs of our children. Our project is one of the best ways to accomplish that. Our Director as well as the School Administartion Council and all the teachers of the school do their best to find and apply methods and strategies that help students and prepare them for life.
The project GAME will help us implement a wide variety of activities and apply the methods analysed with the partners or learnt from them.

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