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1st MISSION “Let’s Design Inclusion” – “European values in the News”

1st MISSION “Let’s Design Inclusion”

3. “European values in the News”

Acrostic puzzles, riddles, crosswords, pantomimes, physical activities that students have to solve/perform in mixed teams in order to make their way through the historic centre of the city of Thessaloniki, where a Treasure Hunt of the most important European values was organised by the teachers based on the material that students collected during their research. The students were divided into three groups, red, blue and green, and after being driven to specific parts of the city, they answered questions about European values and the countries where the schools came from. For every successful activity, teams receive a yellow star (there are 12 stars in total). Every correct answer also gave them a section of an image and, when the puzzle was completed, the team knew where the treasure was hiding. When all teams reach the last stop, an extra riddle awaits them in order to find the treasure, a well-hidden flag of the European Union. Again, no winners, no losers, as all teams have to cooperate to gather all the 12 stars they collected during the hunt and pin them on their flag.


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