The ERASMUS+ project “GAME” which stands for “Genius And Mission in Education” was born and conceived as an action plan to renew and to review the teachers’ profile through innovative approaches and more attractive methodologies to practice with students, the main character of the teaching/learning process. The project would offer to our skateholders another perspective to be more modern, dynamic and ready to integrate good practices and new methods into daily school activities.

The main objectives of the project deal with the improvement and implementation of more stimulating educational methodologies to empower and motivate learners, from childhood to youth, to love school and to feel it as a safe, comfortable and friendly place where learnings and knowledges are not simply transferred but also experienced and lived in cooperation at local and European level.

The project “GAME” is a Strategic Partnership composed by ITALY as Coordinator country and LATVIA, SPAIN, ROMANIA and GREECE as Partners countries. All the Partners have common experiences in European projects in the field of Education, Training and Youth and they are interested to enhance and strengthen their cooperation in order to promote the European values such as social inclusion, anti-discrimination, active citizenship, solidarity, tolerance, respect for others, intercultural learning and understanding.

The project focuses on a wide range of activities to strengthen the 8 Key European Competences through the application of Non Formal Learning approach. Students and teachers work together to carry out some Missions based on practicing games, experiences, experiments linked to daily life reality, acquiring knowledges and contents from experience.

Through the project Partners intend to develop in students insight skills and attitudes and to improve their interpersonal relationships. Students will meet friends from different European context and will compare their learning styles.  Teachers will promote naturally inclusive activities in their educational programs and will improve their professional competences. Schools through this ERASMUS+ European Project will earn visibility, will grow in experience and will improve their own educational and cultural standards working in cooperation.  They will share and compare innovative methodology and educational good practices.

There will be free access to the output of the project: a Booklet titled “Genius And Mission in Education: exchange good practices”.